China cast supplier logo Investment Casting - China cast company is the leader in precision metal casting,China specialist in investment castings by silicasol lost wax casting process. China top 50 foundries with high quality casting suppliers. We now have precision casting parts, alloy steel castings, stainless steel casting, aluminum castings, copper casting alloy, ductile iron castings, steel casting, investment casting products, plastic parts.
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Stainless Steel Pump Body Parts
China Investment Casting Product Name: Investment Casting Parts in China
China Precision Casting Product Description: Investment casting stainless steel parts by silica sol lost wax casting process. China Cast is produce metal castings by investment casting wax, precision investment castings, precision casting, precision castings, lost wax castings, silicasol lost wax castings, sand casting etc casting process, hot products including stainless steel castings,aluminium castings,bronze castings,carbon steel castings, alloy castings, auto parts, marine valve parts, valves,pump, impeller, machining parts.
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Investment cast automobile fittings
Product Name: Investment cast automobile fittings, high quality auto parts in China.

Product Description: My company specializes in motorcycle accessories, auto parts, general machinery exports. Auto parts sales and parts sales.
Main business of auto parts,machinery and other accessories,long engaged in auto parts production, exports.

Investment Casting Auto Parts -- Look for hot China cast supplier in,China cast foundry director.

Tag:Auto parts, auto parts sales, auto parts export, motorcycle accessories sales.
Stainless Steel Casting Products

Stainless Steel Casting Products, top machinery accessories, investment Castings in China
We are OEM metal parts supplier in China, we produces high-quality precision investment castings parts, machined casting parts, precision machining and surface treatment etc.
The products of our company's mechanical industry are renowned for their high quality.

China cast sales Valves, Pipes and Pipe Fittings, Mechanical Seals, Pumps, Mechanical Seals.
Professional processing of electrical accessories, plastic products and processing, machinery parts processing.

Stainless Steel Pump Housing Stainless Steel Pump Housing and accessory products. Investment Casting process in China, Precision Investment Castings.
The series feature good rigidity structure, smooth operation, long service life, high efficiency and saving energy.
We also produces valve accessories: stem, valve caps, bolts of living, shaft, welcome to our orders.
Stainless Steel Butterfly Valves

SS316 Casting Valve Body Part, Stainless Steel Butterfly Valves,lost wax investment castings in ferrous & Non ferrous alloys.
All of the valve castings precision casting.
The valve body is accurate for the high quality bronze Cast machining and take shape.
The valve body is accurate for the high quality Stainless Steel Cast machining and take shape.

China cast supplier using a variety of metals including stainless steel,carbon steel, low alloys, copper base alloys, aluminium alloys, by silicasol lost wax casting process.our products include Investment castings,lost wax casting,stainless steel casting,stainless steel impeller,stainless steel Pump Valve,stainless steel Pipe Fittings, stainless steel marine hardware.

Stainless Steel Closed Impeller

Stainless Steel Closed Impeller, Investment Casting Impeller Parts.
Precesion casting: Turbo wheel, compressor wheelturbo charger.
China Cast Foundry is China's largest supplier of OEM production,

Investment Casting Open Impeller
Main exports machinery products, welding products and pneumatic products.

Investment Casting Stainless Steel: Machinery & Pump Parts, Marine Parts, Pipe Clamps, Faucet.
Is the major undertaking, precision casting, non - ferrous metal casting, finishing.
Casting parts mainly include casting, die casting, gravity casting, precision casting etc.
My company was coasting on the enormous success of its early products.

Stainless Steel machinery parts

Stainless Steel machinery parts, precision machining parts, lost wax investment castings, Made in dongying, made in China.

Top quality metal products, high quality metal castings, best quality metal casting,China Dongying Lostwax Precision Casting Co.,Ltd. Precision castings by CNC Machine,Precision machinery parts,precision parts in China.

Investment casting stainless steel 304 suppliers and investment casting stainless steel 316 suppliers in Shandong China.

Stainless Steel Quick Coupling Stainless Steel Quick Coupling.
We mainly make nuts, linker, adaptor, pipe, clamps , handles, volutes and other precious casting products.
SS Union Joint,Pipe Fittings
SS Union Joint, Pipe Fittings, Threaded Fittings -China specialist in stainless steel threaded fittings, we export all kinds of threaded fittings and pipe fittings.Threaded fittings exporter in China, threaded fittings supplier in China, threaded fittings manufacturer in China, threaded fittings foundry in China. Threaded fittings lost wax casting process, investment casting threaded fittings.
Aluminum Investment Casting Part

Aluminum Investment Casting Part, Pressure Die Casting Parts, Aluminium pressre die cast, aluminum die cast, aluminum die casting supplier, aluminum pressure die casting company, aluminum pressure die casting manufacturer and aluminum pressure die casting exporter. aluminum sand castings, aluminum lost wax casting, aluminum investment castings in China.
Zinc die cast cylinder,chrome plated.

Bronze Investment Casting Part

Bronze Investment Casting Part, bronze sand casting parts

Bronze lost wax castings, bronze machinery parts, bronze castings, bronze products. Brass lost wax castings, brass machinery parts, brass castings, brass products. Copper lost wax castings, copper machinery parts, copper castings, copper products in China. Two widely used alloys of copper are brass and bronze. We have copper products in cluding copper sheathing, copper alloys products, copper screw, copper nuts, copper impeller, copper valves, copper cover, copper marine hardware, copper hinge, copper porthole etc.

lost wax marine deck hardware Stainless Steel Marine Deck Hardware.Polished Parts.
China cast produce marine hardware products including stainless steel hinge,stainless steel deck plate,stainless steel bollard, Stainless Steel Cleat, Stainless steel plow anchor, Stainless Steel Antenna Base, Stainless Steel Flush Cleat, Stainless Equal Hinge, Stainless steel strap hinge, Stainless Steel Deck Hinge, Low profile cowl vents, Stainless Steel Fitting,Stainless Steel Deck-Mount Adjustable Rod Holder, Stainless steel Thru-hull with flat head,Stainless Steel Round Base,etc.
stainless steel plow anchor

Marine Anchor --stainless steel plow anchor, stainless steel bruce anchor, stainless steel marine anchor, stainless steel delta anchor, stainless steel fold anchor.

Galvanized anchor --Galvanized plow anchor, Galvanized bruce anchor, Galvanized delta anchor, Galvanized fold anchor, Galvanized marine anchor.

Pool fencing spigot

China specialist in pool fencing spigots, we supply SS316 ROUND Core Drill Spigot with POLISH, SS316 Square Core Drill Spigot - POLISH, .SS2205 Round Spigot With Base Plate & Slimline Domical Cover - Polish, SS2205 Square Spigot With Base Plate & Slimline Domical Cover - Polish. Dress Rings.

Price for 1000 coredrill 2205 stainless steel glass spigots.
P rice for 1000 coredrill SS316 stainless steel glass spigots.
316 Marine Grade Polished Stainless Steel Spigots Round In Ground.
316 Marine Grade Polished Stainless Steel Spigots Square In Ground.
316 Marine Grade Polished Stainless Steel Spigots Round Spigot With Base Plate.
316 Marine Grade Polished Stainless Steel Spigots Square Spigot With Base Plate.

Stainless steel pool fencing spigot include Duplex Glass balustrade Spigot round base glass fencing spigot, Duplex Glass balustrade Spigot square base glass fencing spigot.Glass clamp square and round, Glass Spigot with Square Base, Glass Spigot with Square Core, Handrail Bracket, etc.

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